The wedding cake is the ultimate expression of elegance, pastry mastery and today more than ever of design.
A highly spectacular moment and of great participation for all guests: is the queen of the wedding party, to her the honour of closing the banquet on the fragrant notes of an unforgettable sweetness.
“Multi-storey cake”
Three, five or seven floors, a pyramid of stacked cakes from the largest to the smallest
“English cake”
A series of cakes arranged in a pyramid and decorated with ribbons, flowers and leaves, with a romantic renaissance style. It is the wedding cake typically loved by Anglo-Saxon newlyweds.
“Cappelliera cake”
Typical Italian style cake, a compromise between the multi-storey cake and the English one. It consists of only three floors. The base is circular with a diameter of about one meter and a half.
“Single-storey cake”
Much loved, it is the less flashy but the most appreciated. One floor, but with all the space for a rich decoration of great effect. Covered with cream or crumbs of meringue, hides a soft heart of "sponge cake" filled with delicious pastry cream and strawberries.
Small cake portion identical to the official wedding cake. To offer the guests as a souvenir to take home or to be sent to those who could not attend the wedding.
“Chocolate cake”
Ideal for winter weddings. Proposed in the versions "Full Chocolate", stuffed with chocolate both inside and outside, or "White", stuffed with chocolate cream and covered with soft cream.

The basis of all the cakes is the soft "sponge cake", homemade and stuffed with Chantilly cream with strawberries and drops of dark chocolate.
Our pastry chef will make any decoration on request or freeing his creativity: icing with small flowers of chocolate and blown sugar, whipped cream and cream puffs filled with cream or even compositions of whole fresh fruit, cut or iced, or ...

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